Under the umbrella of Çalıkoğlu, the market research in 2007 by the deceased Adem ÇALIK, our brand created to develop new products in line with consumer needs; With its rich product diversity, quality and flavor, it has become the brand that our consumers prefer with confidence in a short time.

Dozens of products are produced with “My Tasting (Benim Tadım)” “Finish Me (Ye Bitir Beni)” onion and our product family grows and develops each passing year.

We approach all our brands with the same precision and care.

Our Mytat brand produces many products ranging from olives to dried fruits such as lokuma, jam, grapes, figs, apricots.

We thank all our consumers for their support to our brands.

As it has been until this time, we will work with our strength, with meticulously, faithfully, the first day’s love, to offer the healest, most natural, the most delicious to our consumers.

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