Çalıkoğlu Food

Our company;

The foundations were founded by Çalık Ticaret in 1997 by the deceased Adem ÇALIK in the charming district of Ordu province of Ünye. Shortly after the establishment of his brother Resül ÇALIK with the participation of Çalıkoğlu Marketing Food LTD. under the name of the company started to continue its activities.

Commercial activity starting with food wholesaler; Identifying strategies for branding and production for strong, sustainable and stable tomorrows; In 2000, he initiated production and branding investment studies, and started olive production in Bursa Gemlik with ÇALIKOĞLU brand and “fertile flavor from grains” slogan.

Our company which attaches importance to innovations and development; In 2007, he expanded the product range by registering MYTAT brand and started this adventure with olive; Honey, jams, raisins, dried figs, dried apricots and Turkish delight by adding to the tastes of the consumers.

ÇALIKOĞLU and MYTAT brands; With the confidence, dedication, consumer-oriented work, combining the quality of the innovative structure without compromising the quality of service, gained the trust of the customers and consumers, becoming the preferred brands, the region’s important food firms .

Our company, which carries the olive production facility to the Orhangazi district of Bursa with its growing business volume, has incorporated dozens of products in different weights and different packaging in the production facility with a closed area of 600 m2.

Our company, which has always invested to be a successful brand and carry this success in consistency and to protect its brand image, has increased its logistics infrastructure and service quality by moving to the new workplace with 3,500 m2 of storage space in 2015.

Nowadays, many products that grow under the brand of ÇALIKOĞLU and MYTAT meet with consumers.

For 24 years, we have our history of raising our shoulders, our rooted corporate culture, our robust, ethical company values, our selverly employees and our strong business partners are going over our targets and we are raising our success chart from day to day.

24 years of our passion, meet with us in the same ideation and give life to our dreams that contribute to our supporters of Çalıkoğlu Food Company today, we know a debt thanks to all our sponsors…