Doğal Az Tuzlu Özel Özel Siyah Gemlik Zeytin (Yeşil) 800gr


All our black olives varieties are Gemlik crops.
Gemlik Olive is thin-skinned, small-core and abundant-meat.
For those who love less salty olives…
The black olives, which are ripe and carefully collected in the branch, are sweetened by traditional Gemlik method by adding only salt and water after the sorting, washing, extraction stages and waiting for the earliest 6 months and 15 months at the latest in the pools. It is taken from the pools when it reaches the eating maturity, it is pasteurized by holding for 20 minutes at approximately 82 degrees to reduce the salt rate and ensure its durability after the calibration and selection procedures. Our products, which are produced entirely by natural methods, do not contain any ingredients such as sweetener, colouring, preservative etc.